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2008 Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Sunday (Part 1)


VanRamblings will post our full, and thorough, wrap-up of the 2008 Vancouver Folk Music Festival — with more YouTube videos we've uploaded, including Maeve McKinnon in an early morning concert at Stage 7, and Ferron in concert over at Stage 3 in the early afternoon — as well as more municipal politics, and raves about the day and the weekend, at some point later in the week (paying work beckons, a call we must heed).

We've also got some bubbles, but you'll have to wait until late Tuesday, or sometime on Wednesday, for our full-fledged version of the Folk Fest wrap (starring BC Provincial MLA David Chudnovsky and a cast of thousands, including more than a few politicos, and their and our consequent musings).

We will post. Promise. You'll just have to be patient.

Oh yeah, despite VanRamblings' dire pronouncement about Friday night under-attendance, Saturday and Sunday crowds were substantially larger.

Although overall attendance looked to be healthy — the crowds were certainly enthusiastic — it's unlikely that any records were set. A little more marketing next year, a stronger musical line-up, and a return to form — for instance, CBC on site recording concerts for posterity — and a bit of that ol' time corporate sponsorship, and the Folk Fest will be on its way to sustainability. And would we want any less for our beloved Folk Festival?

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at July 21, 2008 12:03 AM in Folk Festival 2008


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