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Annapolis Royal, a 300th Anniversary Celebration


Today, VanRamblings will travel (with Corinne) to Queen Anne's Picnic, Bishop Park, Route 201, 1 - 4 p.m., having received an invitation from the Queen herself, this very morning.

We'll leave after a scallop and salad lunch (VanRamblings loves Digby scallops although we are, this time around, attempting to reduce our scallop consumption from one pound a day to a more reasonable amount).

Today, by the way, is Roger Brant's 57th birthday. A husband, father, blues musician of some note, union organizer and all around good guy, Roger is one of those unsung heroes who populate British Columbia's west coast metropolis, a citizen of our community who contributes to the humanity of VanRamblings' home, not least because of the annual contribution (for two decades) he makes by heading up a sound team at one of the Vancouver Folk Festival's day stages. Later in the week, Roger's wife, Audrey, also celebrates a birthday (same day as VanRamblings!).

When corresponding with Roger this past week, when VanRamblings commented that, even though we will turn 60 this week we still often feel like a teenager, Roger sent us the following Bobby Charles lyrics ...

I wanna go out dancin' every night
I wanna see all the city lights
And do everything I been told
I got to get down to it 'fore I grow too old

I'm gonna take a trip around the world
I want to kiss all the pretty girls
And buy everything that ain't been sold
I got to get down to it 'fore I grow too old

I'm gonna do a lot of things I know is wrong
I hope that I'm forgiven 'fore too long
Cause it'll take a lotta prayer to save my soul
I got to get down to it 'fore I grow too old

Enjoy your birthday, Roger, and your gig at the Calgary Blues Festival.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at August 8, 2010 11:04 AM in Travel


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