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Annapolis Royal, A First Morning Perspective

VanRamblings arrived in Annapolis Royal late on a splendid, star-filled Friday evening, proceeded 'home' to sit in Corinne's kitchen and partake of a glass of milk and warming gingerbread cookies, after which we proceeded to bed.

Upon arising at 7:30 a.m. this morning, we looked out our window and filmed the video above, an early morning perspective of the Annapolis River, overlooking the village of Granville Ferry (pop: 106). After experiencing the oppressive humidity and heat of Halifax, VanRamblings was pleased to feel the strong cooling breeze, keeping the heat of the sun in perspective.

At the moment, we're sitting in The Internet Cafe, given that Rogers' iPhone tethering has failed to work in Annapolis Royal (which may limit our posting in the days to come). We're attempting to sign Corinne up to Bell Aliant, and create a wireless network (which, it would appear, VanRamblings will not be able to avail ourselves of prior to our departure on August 16th) for our beloved hostess. In the meantime, on a limited basis, VanRamblings is able to avail itself of the wireless network at the town library (we sit outside on a bench under a tree ... romantic, yes, but a tad inconvenient).

Peaceful, serene and transformative, once again, VanRamblings in Annapolis Royal has proved to be a friend-filled, quietening experience. The Farmers' Market this morning (we purchased fresh-baked croissants, after which we proceeded home for breakfast) was utterly fabulous, as usual, as we were greeted by friends we've made while staying in Annapolis Royal, in the past.

We'll try to post a Farmers' Market video later today (over at the library).

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at August 7, 2010 10:40 AM in Travel


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