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Annapolis Royal: A Relaxing Day As Our Vacation Winds Down


On our third to last day in Annapolis Royal, VanRamblings slept in, enjoying the peace of the early morning, before wending our way to the kitchen for our morning coffee. No breakfast today, though, as Corinne was having luncheon guests and a feast was planned. Time enough later for noshing.

By 9:30 a.m., on this warm, sunny summer's day (complemented by a wafting breeze off the Annapolis River), Corinne and guest headed in the direction of the Save Easy, on the outskirts of town, to purchase scallops and haddock for our visitors. Haddock could be found, scallops, not so much. Fortunately, there were fresh scallops in the fridge at home, which proved more than adequate for our guests, and present company.

While out on our stroll, vistas presented themselves that had previously gone unrecorded by VanRamblings, all of which photos should find their way into Sunday's upcoming SlideFlickr presentation, a sample of which may be found here (a photo taken of Annapolis Royal, from the Granville Ferry side of the river) and here. Nothing short of gorgeous, huh?


Back from our walk, and it was time for lunch. Corinne prepared her own special baked haddock recipe and secured beans from her garden, while VanRamblings prepared the scallops in batter and butter (superb). Georgia and Peter brought along a fresh and mmmm delicious home-baked blackberry, blueberry and apple pie (the organic fruit freshly acquired that very morning from her 'yard'), and dark, richly-coloured homemade beer, courtesy of Peter, a full-bodied Irish Stout and fully matured English Bitter.

And the feast was on.

After our sumptuous repast, and the pleasure of good company, our foursome ambled on over to the wharf (where the picture above was taken), first taking a look at the fishing boat in for repair. We continued our stroll along the wharf, first turning to have a look at the tower on Corinne's home (on the left), and then turning west towards the Annapolis River to gaze upon the sailboat. Soon after, Peter and Georgia bid us adieu.

The afternoon was spent continuing our ramble down the streets and through the hills and dales of Annapolis Royal, hat and sunscreen on (you'll find us mighty tanned upon our return), as we continued to take a riot of pictures for our upcoming VanRamblings SlideFlickr show this Sunday.

Then it was home for a restorative and much-needed afternoon nap.

For dinner, prior to taking in a 7 p.m. screening of Toy Story 3 at the King's Theatre, we attended a rural church social at Lower Granville Hall, which (as you might imagine) was quite as charmingly romantic as it sounds, as parishioners brought us plates of homemade ham, baked beans, coleslaw, scalloped potatoes, and fresh-baked dinner rolls, and for dessert, coffee and scrumptious gingerbread cake topped with farm fresh whipped cream.

All and all, a very good day, busy yet relaxing and fulfilling, as we wandered the verdant hills and valleys of Annapolis county, supped with friends, and took in the wonder of our historic Maritime locale.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at August 13, 2010 9:34 PM in Travel


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