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Annapolis Royal, The Farmers' Market on a Saturday Morning

The Farmers' Market, in Annapolis Royal's town square continues as a summer staple, a decade's long institution. Lush, organic, a cornucopia of farm fresh eggs, milk, cheeses and meats and a panoply of fresh-baked breads, pastries and pies, as well as historical handicrafts of every description, Annapolis Royal's Farmers' Market is not to be missed.

After standing in line for fresh-baked morning croissants, warm from the oven, Corinne and company trundled on home for a mid-morning breakfast, fresh blueberries from the garden, organic yogurt, and homemade raspberry jam spooned on to the open croissants, which we tore apart with relish. We returned to the market throughout the morning (most of the video above was shot between 8 and 9 a.m., before the scheduled market opening). "Get there early if you want the croissants," Corinne averred.

And we did.

Throughout the afternoon, VanRamblings re-familiarized ourselves with Fort Anne, the Historic Garden, the Boardwalk along the Annapolis River, and the small backstreets of Annapolis Royal — with a year-round population of fewer than 500 appreciative citizens (of course, when you include Granville Ferry and the surrounding rural area, you could probably double that figure). We also managed to set up a wifi account at The Internet Cafe (only $25 for the week), commenced exploratory work on a permanent Bell Aliant account for the indefatigable Corinne and continued our self-taught video editing tuition, we hope to good effect with the video above.

Corinne has set our, thankfully, slow-paced (but adventurous) agenda for Sunday, the video results of which we'll attempt to make available in the late afternoon / early evening. We were grateful for an e-mail from our neighbour, Jane (who, along with her son, Alex, cares for an absent VanRamblings' garden), full of wisdom and humour. Thank you, Jane.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at August 7, 2010 5:08 PM in Travel


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