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As The Dial Turns: Vancouver's Summer 2004 Radio Ratings


Generally not considered to hold that much importance in the industry, the summer radio ratings book, on occasion, may be used to act as a predictor for the fall and spring ratings books, or simply find itself ignored.

Although some have suggested that Rogers’ JACK-FM is in the doldrums and due for a re-think, VanRamblings thinks it’s a little early to bury the 80s powerhouse. The fall ratings book will tell the tale. Stay tuned.

Otherwise, one would think that the management at Z95 (which has finally managed to build a decent website) has to be pleased with the station’s steady climb in the ratings, while the folks over at Corus Radio have probably taken note that The Fox also appears to be on the ascendant.

For your edification — with thanks to, and courtesy of, PugetSound Radio‘s Transistor Sister — VanRamblings has been made privy to the following confidential e-mail from Corus Radio’s west coast head honcho.

Memo: To All MOJO AM730 Staff
From: Lou Del Monte


Due to our disappointing last place finish in the latest Book I have once again been forced to cancel the celebratory MOJO ratings party scheduled to take place tomorrow afternoon at Hooters on Robson.

Instead, you’re all invited to my office for a 2pm meeting where Tom Placebo will once again explain how we — the biggest collection of managerial dufuses it has ever been my pleasure to preside over — will somehow manage in the foreseeable future to turn this trainwreck of a radio station around.

While Tom is addressing us I’ll be taking notes which I will instruct Assistant Program Director Crosby McWilly to incorporate into our new game plan ... whatever the hell that might be.

After I’ve finished dotting all the T’s and crossing my eyes, I hope you’ll all join me for a light lunch under my desk.

See you there!

That’s it for this ratings book. See ya in December for the fall ratings.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at September 19, 2004 10:45 PM in Radio


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