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Beckham asks Sarah: pose


Beckham asks Sarah: pose nude
(click on pic for scandalous details)

Yes, for all you ardant VanRamblings readers, there's no hiding from the truth for beleaguered footballer David Beckham.

According to this week's News of the World, Becks confessed a series of passionate affairs to his devastated pop-star wife, a grim Victoria Beckham (née Posh Spice). The £1million pink diamond ring and earrings that Becks gave Posh for her birthday today hardly makes up for the news of the nights of passion in luxury hotels and the streams of explicit text messages he's been sharing with 29-year-old Malaysian-born model Sarah Marbeck, and his other cuddlebunny, Rebecca Loos. Ms. Loos is planning to tell the story of their torrid affair this Monday in a second BBC interview, following her Thursday interview on Sky One.

Penélope Cruz

VanRamblings’ Hollywood sources tattle that Penélope ‘the ex-Mrs.’ Cruz and bongo player Matthew McConaughey are hot and heavy, on and off the set of their new movie Sahara, currently filming in the ‘steamy’ Moroccan desert.

The purdy pair have been seen canoodling since early January, just about the the time Penélope’s three-and-a-half-year romance with Tom Cruise “amicably” bit the dust. Says a buddy of Matt's (and our VanRamblings’ source), “One man drinks, smokes and has a ball, and the other is a robot. Penélope’s got a real man in her life now.” Well, maybe.

Continuing with the dish, dirt and dirty bits ...

Druggie: Kelly Osbourne in rehab

Kelly Osbourne has entered Premises, a drug-rehab center in Malibu, to fight a painkiller addiction. But it wasn't easy. Her parents, Ozzy and Sharon, told an interviewer they got a call from an English tabloid, informing them that the paper had a picture of what it said was Kelly in a drug deal. They confronted her, and “after a lot of twisting,” in Sharon's phrase, Kelly admitted she has a problem. In case there was any doubt, the family's maid found a bag of pills under Kelly's bed. “There must have been 500 pills,” Ozzy said. A couple hours later Kelly's brother Jack, who did a stint in rehab last year, drove her to Premises. We hear that she's being none-too-well behaved.

Natalie Portman

Star Wars beauty Natalie Portman is enjoying her Closer role with British hunk Jude Law. The 22-year-old actress and her 31-year-old leading man have reportedly become inseparable on and off the Closer set. “Natalie has totally fallen for Jude’s charm and wit,” VanRamblings’ been told, and a bit more, it would seem. Nat had already admitted to having a crush on Jude since she first saw him in a movie, saying she loves his accent. Jude was earlier taken with another young star, Lost in Translation’s Scarlett Johansson, whom he romanced in February. No report on how Jude Law’s ex, Sadie Frost, is taking all this.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at April 17, 2004 10:39 PM in Unbelievable Truth


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