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December 6, 2010

Best Music of 2010: PopMatters Weighs In


For VanRamblings, the very best part of year's end revolves around 'lists'.

Lists of the best movies, critics and critics' associations 'winners' lists of best films, best music lists, best books, best TV shows ... well, you know what we mean. All those wonderful top 10 lists! We are in list heaven!

VanRamblings can hardly wait for the announcements next Sunday and Monday of the Los Angeles and New York Film Critics list of best films of 2010 (cuz it sets the stage for the Oscar race over the next 3 months).

Entertainment Weekly — to which we have subscribed religiously dating back to 1991 (on the cheap, and because it makes great bathroom reading) — will publish their Top 10 lists later in the month, as will sister publication People magazine (the only time we purchase People all year is for the 'lists issue', making for great reading on Christmas Day ... okay, okay, so you now know we don't have a life!). Yes, VanRamblings believes in lists. Why?

Because the year end Top 10 lists have become an integral part of our 'journey of discovery', where year in, year out we have discovered new and wonderful pieces of music, films and books, and tech that has — in many ways — become transformative in our appreciation of the year just past.

During the course of the year we are provided with so much pop culture information, from so many different sources, that one could hardly help but suffer from information overload. No matter how many newspapers and magazines you read, how many hours a day you surf the 'Net, how many friends you have that recommend books, TV shows, new music, new tech (we're caving in and have self-gifted ourselves with an Amazon Kindle this Christmas), and their 'favourites' in every pop culture category, there's just no possible way you might reasonably become apprised of all that is 'best' in the pop culture realm in any given year. Thus we have the Top 10 lists!

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