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Canada: Satellite Radio Proposals Already on the Table


XM Satellite radio comes from space bearing gifts: 100 digital channels with eclectic music options and few or no commercials, beamed directly to cars and home stereos. To date, the service has been available only in the continental United States, but all that is about to change as dueling satellite radio providers, XM and Sirius, have recently signed deals with potential Canadian providers.

The Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, along with privately held Standard Radio, and Sirius Satellite Radio have teamed up, while a competing venture launched by Toronto entrepreneurs John Bitove Jr. and Stewart Lyons has allied with Washington-based XM Satellite Radio.

In Saturday's Globe and mail, Michael Posner writes about the three contenders (CHUM has recently entered the picture) for consumer satelllite-radio dollars. Satellite radio is in Canada's near future.

Some analysts expect satellite radio to grow the way satellite TV did. If so, XM and Sirius radios will become standard in cars and homes sooner than later, and both companies could become budding media giants.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at March 28, 2004 9:52 AM in Radio


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