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Catch An Oscar nominee on Video Before the Academy Awards

Here it is, a Friday night and the skies are gloomy and overcast, the air outside just a tad chilly and the prospect of rain only a cloudburst away, and those age-old early weekend questions arise: What is there that's new at the video store to rent, what recommendable cinematic masterpiece might be available to us, to create a circumstance where kith and kin might curl up in the comfort of the family home, in warm and cozy surroundings in a darkened room lit only by the hazy blue light of the television screen?

New out today on video and DVD is the more than recommendable Runaway Jury, based on John Grisham's top-selling novel, the best NEW release this week and a quite watchable and engrossing thriller, indeed.

From last week, if you didn't catch the multiple Oscar nominee Lost in Translation during its all-too-brief multiplex engagement, run out right now and rent it on video / DVD. A critic’s favourite (just look at how well Lost in Translation performed with the critics' fraternity), be sure to catch director Sofia Coppola's sophomore outing before Oscar night, February 29.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at February 13, 2004 6:46 PM in Video & DVD


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