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Read About Vancouver, Under Vision Vancouver. Here at 8pm.

Vision Vancouver Loses Park Board and School, Wins Majority at Council

VanRamblings will provide an analysis of the Vision Vancouver win at the polls, where it really counts — at Vancouver City Council — John Coupar's and the Non-Partisan Association win at Park Board, which will see John become the Board's next chair, and a reflection on the "loss" of Vision Vancouver at School Board, the latter which election result saddens us.

2014 Vancouver Civic Election Election Night Results

2014 Vancouver City Council Election Night Results

Vancouver Park Board, Civic Election Night Results, 2014

Vancouver School Board Election Night Results, 2014

We'll see you here later this afternoon — in some ways, the election night results are devastating. Treat yourself — life goes on. At least we can celebrate the heartening victory of what will be a John Coupar-led Park Board, each one of the Commissioners (including Catherine Evans, by far the least partisan of the Vision Vancouver candidates for Park Board who ran for office), who have the best interests of our parks and rec system at heart — even if the Board will be starved by a Vision Vancouver majority Council, forcing the Park Board to go to war with Vision Vancouver.

Let's face the reality of the new majority Vancouver Park Board of staunch defenders of our beleaguered, under-funded parks and recreation system vs Vision Vancouver, in a few words — it just ain't gonna be pretty, folks.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at November 16, 2014 9:43 AM in Decision 2014


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