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Decision 2014: Endorsements Aplenty, But None for Vision

2014 Vancouver Municipal Election

With only 10 days to go til the 2014 Vancouver civic election wraps, and we learn the final outcome of the voting decision take by Vancouver's voting electorate, two influential community activist interests have come out with their — some would say, surprising — list of endorsements.

Surprise or not, there's no question that our city's political class will insist that no thinking voter of conscience should consider casting a vote for any Vision Vancouver candidate running for re / election to either Vancouver City Council, or to Vancouver's beleaguered-under-Vision Park Board.

Neighbourhoods for a Sustainable Vancouver (NSV) ran four candidates for Council in the 2011 Vancouver civic election; in 2014, the nascent grassroots political party has chosen to sit things out, while engaging with candidates from the diverse parties who are seeking elected office this year.

NSV's recommended candidate list is informed, but not one with which VanRamblings is necessarily whole-heartedly in accord.

Neighbourhoods for Sustainable Development 2014 Vancouver Civic Election Endorsement List

NSV offers a thoughtful rationale for their choices that is well worth reading. Also worth reading, Carlito Pablo's Georgia Straight NSV story — as well as some of the commentary, below the article, by The Straight's readers.

VanRamblings is debating with several of our readers on the efficacy of publishing a specific candidate endorsement list (although we've provided one privately to several of our friends and associates) — whatever the case, we will be endorsing candidates for all three of Vancouver's civically-elected bodies and may, in fact, publish a specific endorsement list.

Those endorsements will be published next week on VanRamblings.

Grandview-Woodland's Jak King Endorses Candidates in the 2014 Vancouver Civic Election

Respected Grandview-Woodland community activist, and inveterate blogger, Jak King, has this week endorsed a diverse slate of candidates for Vancouver City Council, and a surprising, yet principled, choice for Mayor.

Grandview-Woodland's Jak King Endorses Council Candidates 2014's Vancouver Civic Election
Jak King's well-thought-out choices for Vancouver City Council, in 2014

Vancouver's Holy Trinity of City Council candidates: Ian Robertson, Rob McDowell and Tim LouisVancouver's Holy Trinity of Council candidates: Ian Robertson, Rob McDowell and Tim Louis

VanRamblings is thrilled with the inclusion of the NPA's Ian Robertson and Rob McDowell — who are our two favourite NPA candidates, and must-elects as far as we're concerned — and we're over-the-moon with the inclusion of longtime friend and political associate, Tim Louis, one of the hardest-working, most principled men we've ever met.

Green Party of Vancouver Candidates - The Must-Elects in 2014Green Party of Vancouver candidates - the must-elects in 2014's Vancouver civic election

In 2014, how could any thinking voter not cast their ballot for the Green Party of Vancouver candidates running for office? And, brothers Glen and Nicholas Chernen would make great members of Vancouver City Council. Nice to see COPE's incredibly well-informed Lisa Barrett on the list, as well as RJ Aquino, who has often outperformed almost every other Council candidate running for office, at the all-candidates meetings he's attended.

For Mayor, after much thought and consideration and choosing to endorse strategically, Jak King today endorsed Kirk LaPointe, the articulate, accomplished and thoughtful Non-Partisan Association candidate for Mayor.

Click here for insight into the reasoning behind what we're sure was a very difficult decision — but VanRamblings believes an absolutely necessary one — that caused Jak to make a choice we feel assured will be the imperative voter conclusion that will be reached by a plurality of Vancouver residents.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at November 5, 2014 9:21 PM in Decision 2014


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