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From The ‘We're All Human’ Department
Sam Walls: Cross-Dressing Texas Republican Gone Wild

Republican Sam Walls in happier times

An obscure Texas House race became slightly more interesting this past week when voters learned that one of the candidates, conservative businessman and former Republican Party chairman Sam Walls, had a little, itty bitty secret which, much to his chagrin, became very public, indeed. Walls is competing in a Republican primary runoff tomorrow, April 13th, in House District 58, south of Fort Worth.

When cross-dressing photos of Walls were published in the Dallas Star-Telegram, party leaders urged the candidate to withdraw. Mr. Walls, 64, rejected the calls, saying he would not give in to “blackmail” from opponents trying to use “very old, personal information” to force him out of the race. “Now my opponent is using the private information in an attempt to intimate that I am a homosexual, which I am not,” Walls said. Mr. Walls did not indicate why he's a cross-dresser and a homophobe.

When asked to comment, Texas County GOP Treasurer Roy Giddens, Jr. said of the candidate, “I don't have a problem with cross-dressing. There are lots of them. People think J. Edgar Hoover was one of the greatest Americans that ever lived. He was a cross-dresser.”

Update: Sam Walls lost the race for a Texas house seat on Tuesday night.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at April 12, 2004 4:15 PM in Diversions


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