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Housekeeping, and the place is looking much cleaner

Note the addition of New York Times contributing writer (to the Jersey section), Debra Galant's very readable personal weblog, to your right under Weblogs / United States. Ms. Galant has set for herself the task of explaining the universe to her many avid readers. No small task that.

And congratulations, too, to Ms. Galant on the birth of her 319-page, 81,668-word novel, which she is ...

"almost ready to send it out into the world. I feel like doing one of those end-zone victory dances to a roaring crowd. And in a writerly sort of way, I am doing a victory dance. That is, I'm calling up friends with the news. My friend Brooke just dropped off a bottle of champagne. In a way, I feel lighter than air. Like I've caught up. I've crossed something huge off my to-do list. Now I can spend my Saturdays any way I like."

Meanwhile, as you've probably already noticed: on the left-hand side set of links to various sites, under Radio, there are a whole bunch of CBC sites to which you can surf and hear the latest radio newscast; or, should you choose, to listen to the latest (or an archived) edition of As It Happens or The House, or the latest The Inside Track or Quirks and Quarks show.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at March 13, 2004 8:25 AM in Weblogs



Hey, thanks for the mention and the spot on your blogroll. One small clarification, which I've posted on some other sites lately. I'm not a Times staffer, though I am a regular contributor to the Jersey section and was Jersey columnist for the Times for five years.

By the way, I love Vancouver. It's a wonderful world-class city. My husband and I visited a few years ago after an amazing trip (without the kids) to Hornby Island. Welcome BC readers! I envy you.


The posting on the site mentioning your weblog has been updated, correcting the information published earlier in the day. Your blog is wonderful, and will certainly become one that I visit regularly. Oh and ... by the way, congratulations again on the "birth" of your new book.

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