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Jack Gets Jacked: Vancouver Spring 2005 Radio Ratings


The Spring 2005 radio ratings are finally in — courtesy of Ted Wendland’s terrific Vancouver-based, and radio-related website, This particular book covers May and June 2005, and it ain’t lookin’ good.

A brief analysis of the ratings would seem to find the much ballyhooed JACK-FM in freefall, down almost 40% from their halcyon days in the autumn of 2003. The good folks at CBC 690 show their best book ever (radio listeners must be getting serious), while Corus’ moribund MOJO Radio 730 should be put out of its (and our) misery, and declared officially dead (given their miserable 0.3 rating). I mean, who’s listening anyway?

When it comes to Contemporary Hit Radio, Z-95.3 drops more than a full point, with competitor The Beat picking up most of the slack. Otherwise it’s pretty much stand pat for most other stations in the Vancouver area.

CKNW seems to be holding on to its aged audience, but just wait for the summer (due in October) and fall radio ratings books, and you’ll probably see NW drop right down — with Phillip Till in the morning show, and Winnipeg-based Charles Adler pulling the Mighty 98 down from its previous lofty heights, to a bare 8+ rating, its deserved place in the ratings.

The Province newspaper’s Joe Leary offers his overall insight on the latest radio ratings here, and covers the battle of Vancouver’s sports stations here. Meanwhile, the folks at offer erudition here.

These are sad days, indeed, for voice-tracked, corporate commercial radio.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at August 11, 2005 12:42 AM in Radio


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