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July 2008 Web-Tech News on VanRamblings


Have you ever tried to visit a web page only to get the 404 error or another message, even though the site was working just fine an hour ago?

Down for everyone or just me does one thing. Type an URL into the site, and you'll find out if the whole world is seeing what you're seeing. Yep, it's easy to determine if if that web site you're trying to reach is actually down, or if your busted-up computer or network filters is the problem.

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So much for the benign reputation of Google. A report in the New York Times Saturday, July 5th, suggests that not all is well with the search engine behemoth. Google co-founder, Sergey Brin, recently told Google staff that he had no sympathy for the parents who were upset by a 75% increase in Google day care fees — to a whopping $57,000 a year! — and, further, that he was "tired of 'Googlers' who felt entitled to perks like 'bottled water and M&Ms'."

That's what we love in our billionaire corporate entrepreneurs — a kind heart, an ability to relate to the concerns of line staff, and the milk of human kindness. Whoa, Mr. Brin, just what's up at Google? Fifty-seven thousand dollars in annual daycare fees? Way to value your staff, Google.

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A few weeks back, corporate anti-virus company, AVG, notified subscribers that their free AVG 7.5 workhorse would become defunct June 1st (the company later changed that date to June 25), although even as of this writing AVG 7.5 (the free version) seems to be performing well, as the company continues to provide virus definition updates to the supposedly defunct software.

Soon after AVG made the new version announcement word began to filter across the Internet that the free version of AVG 8.0 would work to full capacity for only 30 days, after which the e-mail scanning facility would become defunct, requiring subscribers to update to AVG 8 PRO.

AVG recently published an announcement that ...

Contrary to rumours circulating on the Internet, AVG Free 8.0 does not include any "trial" or "time-out" functionality. Every option provided in the program is fully functional for the life of the product.

So, for those who loves them some free AVG, you can safely download the fully functional, and absolutely free, 8.0.1 version of AVG anti-virus here.

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Microsoft has released Windows XP Service Pack 3 currently rolling out to customers across the globe. Online tech company, CNET, warns users to hold off on downloading the massive Windows XP hotfix update until the 'bugs' have been worked out.

To prevent Windows XP from automatically installing, you can surf to this site, following the directions to block the installation of the service pack.

VanRamblings brings you this announcement in the hopes of preventing potential havoc on your PC. We advise you to wait until 2009 to download Windows XP SP3, when Microsoft will make the update mandatory.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at July 6, 2008 7:24 AM in Web & Tech


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