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Keeping Score in An Increasingly Rough Neighbourhood

Andrew Stuart Morrison plotting the overthrow of the Bush administration

Today, we introduce you to Times New Roman Online, Andrew Stuart Morrison's “Canadian Opinion from the Left Coast” wherein he keeps “score in an increasingly rough neighbourhood”, which is to say, as a neighbour to the increasingly scary and unstable political behemoth to the south.

Although a “Canadian and ... interested in Canadian politics and the general matters that effect us all,” Morrison “has been steered of late by a compulsion towards reporting on the Bush administration's direction and handling of the War on Terror, simply because it is the biggest story of (his) lifetime,” and because he disagrees utterly “with the ways in which this child president has steered the U.S. ship of state (and Canada by proxy)”.

Morrison is a regular commentator at Billmon's Whiskey Bar, which was voted Best American Political Blog (his site is linked there). He's also listed on the U.S. website Political Puzzle, and comments regularly, on Tacitus, Eschaton, and Washington Monthly's Political Animal, among others.

“It's weird being a Canuck, stuck out here in West Van, finding myself wading knee-deep amongst the heavies of the United States, the strength of my arguments being the fact that I come from the Great White North. Of course, I've been thoroughly insulted by U.S. right-wing commentators as a Canadian, been described as a Commie, decried as a meddler, and told categorically to put my own house in order (ie. Canada) before daring to question our southern neighbour. After all, I've been told, if it wasn't for the U.S., we'd all be speaking Russian up here in our igloos. Silly bunch, these Yanks ... sort of an anthropology project at times.”

“Nevertheless, to be ‘keeping track of an increasingly rough neighbourhood’ is a continuing joy, and I wish I had more time to dedicate to TNRO. I am a workoholic with a young family so I sometimes have to skip a day or two. At other times I have trouble turning the tap off.”

One of the most readable and consistently articulate / well-written blogs I've run across in my (relatively) short life as a blogger, Morrison's Times New Roman blog offers cogent opinion on topics ranging (today) from an incisive commentary on how Dennis Miller has ‘irresponsibly squandered’ the goodwill that he was afforded by many in so carelessly adopting the agenda of the American right, to a short essay on President George Bush vs UN Secretary General Kofi Annan, and commentary on the recent election in Spain, following the devastating Al Qaida attack of March 11.

Also one of the best progressive 'link' sites I've found (go see for yourself), do yourself a favour: check out Times New Roman Online, bookmark it (also available as a weblog link, to your right, under BC/Vancouver), and visit Andrew Stuart Morrison's ‘left coast’ blog often.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at March 24, 2004 10:53 PM in Weblogs


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