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Lori McKenna: Warm, Gritty, Acoustic, Melancholy and Hopeful

Ever since we first read about roots / country artist Lori McKenna in late 2007, when she won Popmatters' Best Country Artist of the Year award, we have been smitten. Here's an excerpt from Roger Holland's review ...

If you don't know the story, the 38-year-old McKenna is one of America's most gifted singer-songwriters. Working out of the home in the Boston suburbs that she shares with her plumber husband Gene and their five (count them, five!) children, Lori McKenna had released a series of four increasingly impressive independent albums — culminating in 2004 with the critically acclaimed Bittertown ...
With a voice a little like a female Adam Duritz, McKenna sings in the first person, effortlessly inhabiting her songs of everyday life in a manner that seems so simple, so natural, that you just know it must have taken a whole lot of skill and hard work to achieve. And when I say everyday life, I don't mean red tag sales and soccer practice, I mean emotions like frustration and disappointment, love and hope, captured in their most natural habitat, the domestic settings in which we live our lives.

VanRamblings has engaged in a process this week of introducing our readers to a few of our favourite music artists. There is no artist we love more than Lori McKenna, no artist whose music we listen to more often.

Last evening, we uploaded a few of our favourite Lori McKenna songs to SoundCloud. Please find five of those favourites, for your listening pleasure, directly below ...

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at May 14, 2011 11:34 AM in Music


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