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Radio Ratings: 'NW Thrives in Face of CBC Strike

Click on the picture above for a larger, more readable version of the ratings table

The latest Vancouver radio ratings were released earlier this week, and the results were largely ho-hum.

CKNW — which has never sounded as inane as they do at the moment (and that’s going some) — triumphed with a splendid 14.8 rating, meaning that at any given time 14.8% of those tuned into radio in the Greater Vancouver area had their radio tuned to the once Mighty 98, ’NW. All VanRamblings can say is, “Thank goodness our XM Radio was hooked up today.”

In the all important adults 25 - 54 tuned in Monday to Friday, 6 a.m. til 10 a.m., the news broke down like this ...

More results of note in this ho-hum Board of Broadcast Measurement book: AM 730 MOJO Sports Radio, although still in the basement, somehow managed to double their ratings, while The Team 1040 Sports Radio still beat their pants off, taking it to their competition.

Rafe Mair leaving failed to raise a blip in AM600 CKBD's ratings. CKWX News 1130 continues to have decent books, as does Jimmy Pattison's JR FM.

What else is there to report? With Gerry ’O Day as PD and morning host on CISL 650 the station treads water, as does CFOX and ‘they oughta put it out of its miseryCFUN. The ‘fight’ for teen listening dominance between Z95 and The Beat remains a standoff, with the latter emerging the victor.

VanRamblings is simply glad the CBC (hallelujah) is back: Rick Cluff and the whole Early Edition crew, Mark Forsythe and BC Almanac, and even the newly expanded version of On The Coast, with the ever dreadful Priya Ramu (maybe she’s nice in person, but she sure doesn’t come across that way on radio ... where’s Katherine Gretzinger when you need her ... come back Katherine, come back ... we miss you ... thank goodness Ms. Gretzinger’s a CBC fill in host occasionally, both locally and nationally). All said, VanRamblings reasonably expects that the CBC will regain its previous august ratings position in the next (winter) ratings book, with CKNW and AM730 taking the biggest hit, returning to their past, most recent ratings.

Did VanRamblings mention we’re listening to XM Radio? M-m-m-m, good.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at December 9, 2005 11:30 PM in Radio


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