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Save Kits Beach & Hadden Park Seaside Greenway Picnic

Save Kits Beach & Hadden Park Seaside Greenway Picnic

This upcoming Saturday, July 5th — from 11am til 3pm — the folks behind the community-led Save Kits Beach fight to preserve the natural beauty of Kitsilano Beach and Hadden parks are holding a celebratory potuck / bring your own picnic & party (refreshments will be provided) — an event to which one and all are invited — at the north end of Kitsilano Beach, nestled within the grove of maple trees, in the midst of the family picnic area.

The Fraser River Ramblers — who, as one of the party organizers, Elvira Lount, has written, are "a Kits-based roots / bluegrass / country / folk / feel good, toe tappin', hand clappin' covers band, who reanimate the music of Peter, Paul & Mary, Gordon Lightfoot, Bob Dylan and the Kingston Trio with a terrific energy, fresh arrangements and a love of audience participation" — will provide the day's wonderfully welcoming entertainment.

C'mon along to Kits Beach this upcoming Saturday, meet your neighbours, enjoy the sun and the cooling breezes off Burrard Inlet, and appreciate the natural beauty of one of Vancouver's most welcoming land-and-seascapes. A good time is guaranteed for all. We very much look forward to your company this sure-to-be-sunny and warming Saturday summer's day.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at June 29, 2014 2:15 PM in Vancouver


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