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Welcome to

Some three months after the idea for the site was first conceived, officially launched on February 15, 2004.

As will become readily apparent from a quick perusal of the links to the left, as well as the topic link buttons in the logo at the top of the page, and the topic categories to the right on the front page, will, in large measure, be given over to covering the arts, cinema, nutrition, music, the media, politics (in Vancouver and throughout British Columbia, across Canada, within the United States, and far afield across the globe), and the thriving west coast Canadian metropolis that is Vancouver.

There will also be extensive coverage of new media, and web/tech issues. will strive to create an environment which breaks down the barriers preventing access for everyone to the new digital democracy.

All of these issues, and more, will become the preserve of VanRamblings.

For the most part, the front page of will be given over to short items and capsule commentary, as well as links to thought-provoking commentary published elsewhere on the web, either in other weblogs, or within the online versions of conventional, old-style media publications, or within links available at online new media publications.

At the end of each item on the front page, you will see the topic category where the item will be readily available, for future reference, for a period of up to six months. Of course, all published content will always be available through a keyword site search.

In time, working in collaboration with VanRamblings' new media maven, Michael Klassen, about whom too many good things cannot be written, the site will evolve. is, quite obviously, still very much in its infancy. In the coming months, the look of the site, and the navigational aspects of, will change quite dramatically, as the overall orientation of the site develops, both as a consequence of input from site visitors such as yourself, and as a function of the ever-changing interests of the site's system administrator / creator.

At some point before summer 2004, the Site Introduction you are currently reading will metamorphose into Site Philosophy, a statement of the specific aims of the site. Site Philosophy will provide an insight into the proposed direction the site will take in the coming months and years.

Please have a look around the site, click on the links to the left and right, and any one (or more) of the topic categories which catch your interest.

May you come to enjoy and appreciate Welcome.

Published February 2004

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