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Sunday News Round-Up

COPPS In a just-released poll, John Kerry leads Bush 49-43 in Florida.

A recitation of Martha Stewart's lies, top to bottom.

Aristide's ouster was a coup.

Liberal Sheila Copps loses the Hamilton East-Stoney Creek nomination, and kvetches.

U.S. Attorney General John Ashcroft remains in Intensive Care.

Howard Stern believes his radio career is coming to an end.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at March 7, 2004 12:20 PM in News


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Even the Nation concedes that Aristide was hardly a saint and that "Many people died under his government who shouldn't have, and very few indeed are those who have been brought to justice for those crimes." And it simply glosses over the fact that Aristide won the 2000 presidential election with 92% of the vote because the opposition was boycotting the election to protest the blatent vote rigging and count fixing which characterized the 2000 Senate elections.

As the recent event have proven, Aristede had virtually no popular support and none to speak of in the police force which he supposedly controlled.

He will not be missed by Haiti and the only people who seem to lament his passing are rather naive, Naomi Klein, lefties who see any 3rd world dictator, no matter how incompetent, corrupt or murderous as worthy of their protests.

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