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Tangled Up In Boobs
Not Across My Daughter’s Big Brass Bed You Don’t, Bob

“When the man who wrote ‘Forever Young’ starts leering at jailbait during prime time, the result looks like a recruiting tool for a pedophilia advocacy group.”
Bob Dylan, as seen in the Victoria's
Secret campaign.

From the first moment VanRamblings saw Bob Dylan shilling women’s undergarments in a Victoria’s Secret ad, we felt a sense of dis-ease, as if we were watching something unsavoury, and corrupt.

Writing as a 53-year-old male who, in the past, has been very much attracted to younger women, in recent years I have changed the nature of my mindset around my relations with comely young women. No more are they objects of my sexual affection; rather, my feelings toward young women have become distinctly paternal and caring. I cannot help but see young women as an extension of family, as someone’s daughter. The nature of my relations with young women, then, has come to be governed by “the golden rule”: treat young women as you would wish older men to treat your daughter were she to find herself in a similar circumstance. To wit: caring, appreciative of their humanity and intelligence, and loving, in the most generous and non-sexual sense of the word.

What the hell, then, is Bob Dylan doing, carrying on in a lascivious manner with a barely clothed woman, young enough to be his granddaughter?

As a follow-up to VanRamblings’ earlier story on Dylan’s appearance in a Victoria’s Secret ad, Leslie Bennetts — who is quoted above — offers her thoughts on what she felt the first time she watched him play a song called ‘Love Sick’ while “a nubile young model writhed around in her underwear ...”

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at April 21, 2004 9:37 PM in Pop Culture



You tell 'em. And that golden rule works in other situations too.

thank the lord dylan hasn't become "paternal and caring". selling expensive underwear to nitwits beats going to cuba and having your "paternal and caring" instincts awakened by a nubile young man resulting in an overwhelming desire to steal an expensive diamond ring. god bless bob!!


I'm at a loss to understand your point. Maybe you should read Leslie Bennetts' article a second time. I would encourage you to respond in a thoughtful manner to the issues she raises.

On another note: Ordinarily, I am reluctant to respond to comments made to an article published on VanRamblings. By very dint of my being the administrator of VanRamblings I gain ample opportunity to make points of my choosing in the articles published on the site. The Comments section, in general I believe, should be left to readers.

But I am reluctant to leave matters lie when responses are confusing, off point, or thoughtless (which I am NOT saying is necessarily true of your response, but ... Daryl, you must be capable of better).

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