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The Remaining Light: An Indictment of Our System of Seniors Care

The Remaining Light - A documentary film about how we care for seniors

Produced by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and the Hospital Employees' Union, The Remaining Light takes the viewer inside the often invisible part of Canada's health care system — the community-based services that provide care to seniors as they age and prepare for death.

The film, which VanRamblings features above in full, presents a compelling narrative of the lives of seniors and their families, while exploring the themes of dignity, the progressive degeneration of one's physical health that often accompanies aging, plus the increasing sense of social isolation that is felt by many of our seniors, and the failure of the Canadian health care system to provide adequately for our burgeoning 'aging' population.

Set in British Columbia, where the province's Ombudsperson continues her investigation into "aging in place", the themes and stories explored in Goh Iromoto and Shannon Daub's 2011 film resonate as an indictment of an underfunded system of seniors care, where our elder population are not venerated as they should be and not afforded the respect they deserve.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at June 9, 2011 7:14 PM in VanRamblings


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