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The Celebrates An Anniversary

THE-TYEE-ANNIVERSARY-FOREST-FIRE The celebrates its 100th birthday this week, which means to say that some 100 days ago — towards the end of November 2003 — The was launched as British Columbia’s much-needed “feisty online presence”.

In this week’s issue, Steve Burgess comments on the leave-taking of the esteemed duo of Michael Eckford and Fiona Forbes from CITY-TV’s Breakfast Television show (go on to read the comments at the bottom of the page, when you’ve finished Steve’s article); Tom Hawthorn writes on the cult of personality surrounding federal NDP leader, Jack Layton (and also offers this accompanying article about those fighting to join Layton's "army"); and, journalist Tim Howard writes on the provincial Liberals’ recently announced "brown budget", in which nary a word was mentioned about British Columbia’s “environment”.

And published today, Barbara McClintock, The’s legislative reporter, offers this article on the recent raids at the B.C. legislature.

Good reading all, and worth checking out.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at March 3, 2004 5:44 PM in Media


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