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Time once again for


Time once again for VanRamblings’ regular Saturday dish the dirt feature.

This week, we’ll present an abbreviated version of The Unbelievable Truth, cuz there’s a federal election going on in Canada, and we’re all verklempt with the dreadful possibility that Stephen ‘Bush Lite’ Harper may become Canada’s next Prime Minister, and pretty much set about to take what minimal joy we Canadians are allowed to experience right out of our lives.

Twins On The Verge Of A Perv-ous Breakdown

There twinnesses, tweenage heroines Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are about to turn 18

Ah, childhood, it is but a fleeting thing. As not particularly endearing baby twins sharing the same role on ABC’s family comedy Full House, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were once not much more than the latest in a long list of young child actors to inject the requisite cute factor into a sitcom. Now?

You’ve got to hand it to those Olsen girls. Just hours away from their 18th birthday, these barely legal mini-moguls (a recent Rolling Stone story estimated their net worth at more than $300 million) have Hollywood’s jailbait aficionados all atwitter at the countdown to the big 1-8.

Defamer asks, “How will their 18th birthday affect their acting career?” VanRamblings responds: Mary-Kate and Ashley have an acting career?

Paris X-Posed: Ex-Lover Reveals All

Paris Hilton is one naughty heiress

All-around playboy sleazeball Rick Salomon, the mercenary whose sex-romp video shamed hotel heiress Paris Hilton, tells the News of the World this week that Paris ...

  • leapt into bed with him the first night they met.

  • joined him and top Playboy beauty Nicole Lenz in a raunchy threesome.

  • hooked up for casual sex with him whenever she felt randy and

  • loved showing off her body for his camera so much she that even filmed herself.

"Girls like Paris definitely want to make sex tapes. It’s the baddest thing," Salomon blurted out while being hauled off by London bobbies on charges of gross indecency, attempt to extort funds from a really rich person, undue exploitation of an heiress almost too clueless to live, and for just generally being one rotten, money-grubbing, narcissistic human being.

Late word in: Salomon may be an alien; more news at 11.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at June 12, 2004 8:42 PM in Unbelievable Truth


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