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Turning the Tide: Noam Chomsky Joins the World of Blogging

Vancouver: March 20 rally for Peace

Noam Chomsky has entered the big, messy world of blogging with his new blog Turning the Tide.

Today’s posting covers the invasion or Iraq ...

All opponents of the invasion of Iraq — at least, all those who bothered to think the matter through — took for granted that there would be beneficial effects, as is often the case with military interventions: the bombing of Pearl Harbor, for example, which led to the expulsion of Western imperial powers from Asia, saving millions of lives. Does that justify Japanese fascism and its crimes? Of course not: there is far more to consider, and I've never had any question that these other considerations amply justify condemning Japan’s aggression as a war crime — the “supreme crime” of Nuremberg.

Reader David Cubitt sends along a somewhat spotty Vancouver Co-op Radio link to their Redeye site, where you’ll find an audio link to Chomsky’s speech, in Vancouver, at the International Day of Action rally, which Deborah Campbell covered, albeit somewhat cynically, for The

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at March 27, 2004 11:20 AM in Weblogs


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