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2008 Vancouver Folk Music Festival, Friday Night


As might well be expected, the first evening of the 2008 Vancouver Folk Music Festival was spectacular, from the sun coming out in the late afternoon to the wonderful folk-jazz improvisational music of Lau, the Africa-infused delta blues of Markus James and Wassonrai, a rockin' concert set by the incomparable Aimee Mann, and a get on your feet and move, dance and rock-into-the-night, evening-ending concert by Ozomatli.

For all the goods times at the Festival, and for however much the assembled masses enjoyed the first evening series of concert performances, VanRamblings was somewhat distressed by the shockingly low turnout, a crowd that we estimated at no more than 5,000, certainly less than what one would have imagined and expected in earlier years.

We'll see what the turnout is like on Saturday, and report back tomorrow.

Perhaps, local performer Veda Hille was right when she suggested to Alex Varty that artists like Sufjan Stevens might bring a bigger audience to the Fest. Next year, when there's a permanent artistic director in place, we'll have a better idea as to where the Vancouver Folk Music Festival is going.

In the interim, we'll leave you with our weekend photos of the Festival, and a link to the Festival's Flickr site, where you'll find hundreds more pics.

(Note should be made that there was a decided chill in the night air, so if you're planning on attending Saturday evening, make sure to bring along a long-sleeved shirt and a sweater to provide succour against the elements.)

Julian W. has posted on the first day of the Festival here, and Brent Kane writes about the first day, too. The Canadian Encylopedia presents the history, if you click on the link. And now VanRamblings is off to the Festival!

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at July 19, 2008 10:58 AM in Folk Festival 2008


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