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Vancouver Radio Ratings (Winter), Nov. 29 2010 - Feb. 27 2011


The folks at PugetSoundRadio published the raw Vancouver radio ratings earlier this morning. Perennial 'top dog' CKNW emerged, once again, as the ratings leader, down 30% from years past but on par with recent books.

CBC Radio 2 continues its climb into prominence, rising 30% over the course of the past 18 months. When the Board of Broadcast Measurement went to portable people meters, reputedly a more accurate measurement system than had been employed earlier, CBC appeared to drop dramatically in the ratings, but all that seems to have changed in recent books.

Despite layoffs galore at CKWX, the 24-hour news outlet holds on to a significant portion of Vancouver's radio listening audience. Triple-A (adult album alternative) Shore FM remains an also-ran in the ratings, which given the speculation that the station is about to be sold to Astral to be converted into an uptempo 80s station (just what we need, another oldies station in Vancouver) stands to reason, at least in terms of economics.

Broadcaster magazine's David Bray offers the following analysis of the latest Vancouver radio ratings ...

CKNW holds the #1 spot for A12+ with a 12.4% share of hours tuned (flat with 12.4% last time out). Taking the top spot for F25-54 was perennial office station favourite 103.5 QM-FM, buoyed by the popularity of All Christmas music in December, posting a 13.9% share (up from 12.2%). CKNW leads the way with M25-54 listeners, delivering a 10.4% share (up from 7.0%). The Beat tops the list for M18-34 with 16.5% share of hours tuned (down from 20.2%). When it comes to Females 18-34, the Beat takes also top spot with a 23.2% share (up from 20.5%).

Otherwise, apart from the fact that Jack-FM dipped fairly dramatically in this ratings book and CBC climbed, the Winter 2010-11 radio ratings appear to be pretty much stand pat, with CTV-GlobeMedia's CHUM stations, The Beat 94.5 and 103.5 QM/FM continuing to head the pack among music-playing stations in Vancouver, while everyone else holds on to miniscule ratings.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at March 10, 2011 10:25 AM in Radio


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