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Vancouver Spring 2006 Radio Ratings


Well, folks, the Spring 2006 radio ratings are in, and perennial favourite CKNW took the biggest hit. Although the chart to the left shows a precipitous drop for 'NW in this latest radio ratings book, if you take a look at the audience ratings in the advertiser friendly 18 - 49 demographic, CKNW was devastated this latest book, this year over last.

From the latest ratings book, what pundits have said for some time now would appear to be true: the majority 'NW audience is 55+, and the new powerhouses in the Vancouver radio market are JACK-FM (otherwise known as CKLG-FM), Corus-owned Rock 101 CFMI, pop-rocker Z95 (CKZZ), QM/FM and the younger skewing, The Beat.

Oh for the halcyon days when you could actually listen to CKNW. With 'NW now in freefall (as VanRamblings predicted last fall), there's some speculation that CBC could catapult into the number one position in the not-too-distant future. Whatever the case, with CKNW having lost the Canucks and the Lions to the Team 1040 (CKST, which took quite a hit, as well), look for 'NW to plummet even more by this time next year.

The Spring ratings chart above is divided into S1 and S2. Survey 1 was taken January 9 to March 5, 2006 while Survey 2 was conducted April 17 to June 11. Survey 3 was completed July 3-16 but won't be out til Oct. 2nd.

JACK'S ratings have fallen by 50% this year over their best days, while Z95 (CKZZ) seems to be on its way back, and The Beat (CKBT) gained audience share. Overall, this ratings book portends a shakeup in our radio market.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at July 18, 2006 12:34 AM in VanRamblings


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