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Vancouver Sun Civic Affairs Reporter Frances Bula Resigns Her Post


Frances Bula, the Vancouver Sun civic affairs reporter since 1994, abruptly announced her resignation from the newspaper today.

Dear all of my blog-readers,

This will be my last post on this Vancouver Sun blog, as I have resigned from the paper.

As Vancouver-based blogger Rob Cottingham states in his farewell tribute to Ms. Bula today, "Her blog post makes it clear that she thoroughly understands blogging - which makes losing her voice at the Sun doubly painful." Another Vancouver blogger, Bill Tieleman, weighs in on Ms. Bula's departure from the Sun, on Sean Holman's Public Eye Online, writing ...

This is indeed bad news for all of us who either report on municipal politics, follow them or are active in local government.

Frances Bula has done an outstanding job for many years and amazingly maintained her sense of humour despite sitting through endless rounds of pointless Vancouver city council meetings and much more.

Good luck to Frances wherever she goes - she will have many fans who will follow.

The Pivot Legal Society's David Eby writes on his blog, "For her to leave the Sun is, well ... shocking."

In what is shaping up to be the most important Vancouver civic election in almost a half century, Ms. Bula's resignation from the Sun, and rumoured movement to Vancouver Magazine — with its three month advance deadline, and consequent lack of reportorial immediacy — represents the loss of a critical voice, at a critical juncture, on Vancouver's civic scene.

Unless Ms. Bula commences with her new blog (which she promises) by early autumn, Vancouver citizens will find them far less informed on the machinations of the fall civic election than otherwise would be the case.

We are all the lesser for Ms. Bula's departure from the daily journalistic rigours of reporting on the often tempestuous Vancouver civic scene.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at July 2, 2008 6:38 PM in Vancouver


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