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VanRamblings Experiences Crisis (or Not)

Beckham mistress Sarah Marbeck

Hey, it's a slow Saturday night at VanRamblings, the blog is hitting an all-time low in visitors (this damn holiday weekend), and what the heck. Sure, Condi and Bushie may be all over the news, and there are gosh darn important things happening across the globe, but even though you'll never read anything to do with sports in VanRamblings — I mean, why would I bother, when that particular diversion is covered so well by the conventional media — it seems to me that there must be a huge audience of readers out there who are just dying to know what Posh Spice’s soccer playing hubbie is up to.

Then again, maybe not. But you gotta admit that the photo, from Sunday's News of the World online, is something provocative, huh? No? Okay.

Oh, so what's the story (as if you didn't know)? You'll have to read all about what Beckie's been up to here. Poor Posh Spice.

And before the flames begin to roll into the VanRamblings comments section, consider this: If Dylan can sell out to Victoria's Secret, VanRamblings can certainly afford to publish a little bit of titillating cheese.

Then again, maybe not.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at April 10, 2004 9:15 PM in Diversions


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