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VanRamblings' Triumphant Return to Halifax (Or Not)


Well, folks, here we are back in Halifax, and writing this post from our cozy 'dorm room' at Dalhousie University's Howe Hall on Coburg Road.

Now, just in case you're wondering, the picture above was taken at 8:17 a.m. this Monday morning, while VanRamblings was waiting outside the Annapolis Royal Inn, a bit south of town (on the road to Digby), for our Acadian (Acadien?) Lines coach to pick us up for transport to Halifax.

Once the fog lifted, the weather was great all the way to Halifax, and stayed sunny and warm in the province's capital throughout the day. By about 2:30 p.m. we got ourselves squared away at our university residence, and headed into town to continue our exploration of the city. By late afternoon, the humidity became a bit wearing, so we snuck into a cinema to see Salt, about which we were unthrilled (we would tend to agree, then, with the critics: 'basically, a thrill-less thriller'), although the film did provide a couple of hours diversion, not to mention relief from the humid conditions outside.

Truth be told, dear and constant reader, VanRamblings is feeling a bit verklempt about the prospect of returning to our west coast home. As we looked out across the Annapolis River each morning this past couple of weeks, enjoying the pastoral view and the tranquil setting, the thought now of returning to the busy-ness of the 'big city' seems to us kind of daunting.

Still, we have the Vancouver International Film Festival to look forward to (we love the annual Film Festival), and walks along Spanish Banks and on the Pacific Spirit Park trails, riding our bike through Kitsilano towards Granville Island, going out to dinner with friends at our favourite Ethiopian (or other ethnic) restaurant — a 'gift' denied to our Annapolis Royal neighbours, Corinne points out — or even returning to our work on the Downtown Eastside, where we hope we 'make a difference' (as we all wish to engage in meaningful endeavour), not to mention our regular forays to Vancouver Canadians baseball games ... well, upon reflection, there are aspects of our life in Vancouver that inexorably pull us back to our home.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at August 16, 2010 8:06 PM in Travel


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