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VIFF 2009: A Potpourri of Festival News From Near and Far


As VanRamblings does every year as VIFF enters its second week, we'll set about to bring you news from other scribes, present to you various of the Festival Media Releases, and cover what we will leading into the 'winding down' of the 28th annual Vancouver International Film Festival.

First up today, on Thursday evening VIFF announced South Korea's Jang Kun-Jae's Eighteen as the Dragons & Tigers Award winner for Young Cinema, with a welcome cash prize of $10,000. Eighteen will screen for a final time on Saturday, October 10th @ 4 pm at Pacific Cinémathèque.

In the week before the Festival got underway, Federal Minister of Canadian Heritage James Moore announced that VIFF would receive $467,000 in funding as part of the Marquee Tourism Events Programme, designed to promote travel to Canada, which has to be a relief to VIFF folks, given the economy and the deficit they ran last year.

This year's VIFF theme is "An Open Mind is Advised", and thus ...

... which is one of the three spots running before each VIFF screening.

The folks at Eye Weekly in Toronto recommend Pedro Cósta's Ne change rien, Maren Ade's Everyone Else, Ilisa Barbash and Lucien Castaing-Taylor's 'astonishing' experiential doc Sweetgrass, and Lisandro Alonso's S/T, all of which have VIFF screenings upcoming over the next seven days.

Over at E-Film Critic, Jason Whyte has published a number of interviews ...

ALEJANDRA AGUIRRE & J.B 'SHOWBIZ' SHAYNE AT THE FESTIVAL Alejandra Aguirre & 'Showbiz' Shayne at the 28th annual Vancouver Film Festival

The Vancouver Observer's Volkmar Richter also posts daily on the Festival.

Meanwhile, the Georgia Straight's Janet Smith, Ken Eisner and Mark Harris take a sneak peek at the 28th Vancouver International Film Festival, with capsule reviews of more than 100 films, reviews available here and here.

Have you got an iPhone? If so, VIFF is seeking 'social media contributors' who will be taking photos (as VanRamblings has); VIFF will post the photos (and text) in real-time to the web. If you're interested, contact Jeff, at Xomo Digital (the folks behind the VIFF Apple app), by e-mailing him at (or, call him at 604-626-1773).

The 28th Vancouver International Film Festival has also spotlighted ...

And, as we wrap up today's post: Derrick O'Keefe, over at has done a darn fine job of covering the docs at this year's Festival, while "Canada's national newspaper", that esteemed 'old grey lady', the Globe and Mail, has set about to publish daily reviews of VIFF 2009 films.

And, for what it's worth, VanRamblings has taken some photos, mostly using our iPhone (thus the often grainy quality), over the course of the past few days, only 36 pictures published for now, but more coming later.

Well, it's back to the Festival for VanRamblings. See you here tomorrow.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at October 9, 2009 12:12 PM in VIFF 2009


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