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VIFF 2010, Days 10 & 11: VanRamblings Take A Break From Posting

Vancouver International Film Festival Director, Alan Franey, at VIFF's opening press conference

VanRamblings is just a bit tuckered and overwhelmed by our five-plus film a day pace, set since the opening day of the Festival on September 30th. So, we're gonna take a bit of a break from posting (Thanksgiving weekend / family / work also come into play), but we'll be back reviewing on Tuesday.

While we're away, we'll direct your attention to fellow reviewers, including ...

  • Nurse Bob. We were introduced to 'Nurse Bob' (works as a nurse in Vancouver, loves film) by our friend John Skibinski. Nurse Bob has attended VIFF for years and offers a differing take on the films VanRamblings has seen or intends to see. A site worth checking out.

  • The esteemed Dr. David Bordwell, a fixture at VIFF lo these many years, his coverage of our Festival thoughtful and well-considered.

  • Jason Whyte: The efilmcritic founder (soon to expand to more online publications) has emerged, in recent years, as the hardest working journalist covering VIFF (the folks in the media department must be thrilled). Have a look at the various links on his website, and enjoy.

  • Kathie Smith: About whom we know little, other than that she's covering the 29th annual VIFF, that she writes well, seems to know and love cinema, and whose capsule reviews are well worth reading.

  • Quiet Earth: Marina Antunes seems to be doing a darn fine job of covering our Festival.

  • The Straight: Janet Smith, Ken Eisner, Mark Harris and Craig Takeuchi, among others, have really committed themselves to VIFF this year, with some very fine (and comprehensive) coverage of our little Festival by the sea. Definitely worth checking out, at least daily.

  • Volkmar Richter: The retired (and esteemed) CBC radio producer now covers film for the online publication, The Vancouver Observer. Day in, day out, Mr. Richter has provided insight into the best VIFF has on offer. Betcha he's grateful that we dragged him to the Festival lo these many years ago. Now he, too, has become a VIFF fixture.

We'll see you back here in a couple of days. In the meantime, enjoy your holiday Thanksgiving weekend (and save a bit of turkey for us, won't ya?).

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at October 10, 2010 12:55 AM in VIFF 2010


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