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VIFF: The Festival Ends, The 3rd To Last VIFF Posting


The 25th annual Vancouver International Film Festival draws to a close, The Lives of Others wins The People's Choice Award, Greg Hamilton picks up the Most Popular Canadian Feature Award for Mystic Ball, and the Best Doc Award goes to Connie Field's Have You Heard from Johannesburg?, with a Special Jury Prize awarded to Gary Burns and Jim Brown, for Radiant City.

Paul Fox won the Citytv Western Canada Feature Film Award for the realization of Douglas Coupland's screenplay for Everything's Gone Green, while special mention for its "bold and provocative directorial style" went to Carl Bessai's Unnatural & Accidental, and for which lead actress Carmen Moore picked up Vancouver's Women in Film & Video Merit Award.

Earlier, the Dragons and Tigers Award went to Todo Todo Teros, with special mention made by the jury for Faceless Things and Geo-Lobotomy.

From beginning to end for the fabulous 25th anniversary edition of the Vancouver International Film Festival, the weather was great, and the films even better. The time has now come to get back to our real (rather than reel) lives. Even so, we invite u to come back for our final 2 VIFF postings.

T'nite, we'll leave you with our festive final gala piece (courtesy of 'Kino') ...

Again, don't forget to return to VanRamblings next week for our 'Fest wrap-up posting' and, finally, for our VIFF silver anniversary tribute.

See ya then.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at October 13, 2006 12:43 AM in VIFF 2006


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