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VIFF2012: And The Vancouver Film Festival Draws To a Close

Vancouver International Film Festival

Well, that's it folks. 400 films, 16 days, and that's (almost) all she wrote.

That said, VanRamblings is not done yet with Festival reportage, even if the Fest has ended. First order of business, we intend to write a love letter (of a sort) to Alan Franey, which will be published here. We haven't made any firm decisions on publishing a prescriptive remedy for what seemed, this year, to be a plethora of logistical problems; we may or may not.

There is much that we would like to write about on the 87 (yes, only 87) films we screened during the 16 days of the 31st annual Vancouver International Film Festival, so we may do that. Chances are that tomorrow (probably later in the day), we'll publish the VIFF2012 winners announced late on Friday; and, as the Festival makes information available on audience favourites, we'll make that information available to you, as well.

And, of course, we'll set about to publish our Top 20 favourite films screened at our illustrious 2012 Vancouver International Film Festival.

For now, though, a Flickr slideshow, a pictorial remembrance of our Festival.

(Over the weekend, we'll add a few more photos to the slideshow, and edit the slideshow so the order of the photos is more coherent, and makes more sense)

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at October 12, 2012 3:02 AM in VIFF 2012


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