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VIFF2015: Welcoming, Organized and Logistically Pristine

Brie Koniczek (on the right), the Wayne Gretzky of VIFF venue managementVIFF venue manager extraordinaire, the lovely Brie Koniczek (on the right) with VIFF staff

Brie Koniczek has worked with the Vancouver International Film Festival for a number of years, and during her time with VIFF has taken on the herculean task of managing various of the VIFF venues (we first wrote about Brie in 2011), this year and for the past couple of years, the Cineplex International Village site. Last year VanRamblings wrote about Brie ...

"In the centre of an early morning storm at the Cineplex site Brie, and Brie alone, working with volunteer staff, remained calm, always smiling, always genuine (utterly, utterly genuine and humane), always lovely and engaging beyond words, communicative, warming, welcoming and reassuring while assuming the onerous responsibility of taking virtually sole responsibility for overseeing the ingress of three long lines of patrons, distributing the "ticketing chits", directing volunteer staff quietly, efficiently, and humanely, all the while interacting with and re-assuring patrons in all three lines, and down in the will call / rush line-up, that all was well, Brie's commitment always to logistically pristine exhibition management, and a most salutary patron experience."

Of course, Brie does not manage the VIFF Cineplex site all on her own.

In 2015, the good lookin' and quintessentially organized Peter Quin-Conroy, the ever-wonderful and humane Sue Cormier, among others (and let's not forget VIFF's Audience Relations Manager, Mickey Brazeau, quite simply one of my favourite people on the planet), find themselves pulling "management duty" at the VIFF Cineplex International Village site, all to good effect, providing the best possible VIFF patron experience.

Then, along with Mickey, there's the VIFF team of managers who pulled the whole logistically pristine venue management scheme together for 2015 (and wildly successful it is this year, too): in particular, Faye Parlow, VIFF's Operations Manager, and Lori Strong, VIFF's Office & Facility Manager, about whom there has been much positive buzz this year ...

"It was Faye and Lori who, along with Mickey, pulled in new managers this year, and it's the three of them who are in good measure responsible for the success we've had at the various venues, in 2015."

In a future post, VanRamblings will introduce you to the new, 2015 VIFF venue managers, when we'll write about the returning managers, as well. And, of course, it goes without saying (but should be said nonetheless), that all of us who love the Vancouver International Film Festival are grateful-beyond-words for the invaluable role VIFF volunteers play in helping to keep VIFF an accessible, welcoming & pleasurable experience for patrons.

star.jpg star.jpg star.jpg

Given all of the above, there is one reigning intelligence overseeing VIFF venue management this year, as he did for the first time last year as the newly-installed VIFF Exhibitions Manager, the one person about whom everyone VanRamblings has spoken with about venue management in 2015 year speaks about in reverential tones of near awe and amazement, and that transcendent personage of nonpareil accomplishment would be ...

Sean Wilson, Exhibitions Manager, Vancouver International Film FestivalSean Wilson, 2015 Vancouver International Film Festival Exhibitions Manager | VIFF2015

Yes, that would be Sean Wilson above who at VIFF2015 may be found alone, sequestered deep inside a darkened room, almost recumbent and near zen-like in front of the VIFF venue management computer at this year's glorious, one-of-a-kind, long-to-be-fondly-remembered 34th annual Vancouver International Film Festival, you know, the computer that tracks the whereabouts of volunteers (and whether they're going to make their shifts), tracks the gloriously structured and structural venue management team, the computer into which streams messages of importance (the emergent kind, the oh-so-don't let them happen, but gawd it's going to happen anyway emergency variety, and the not-quite-so-problematical non-emergency kind), and at the centre of this maelstrom of information?

The seer, the one, the only Sean Wilson — you likely won't see a great deal of Sean this first week of the Festival, but when you do ... thank him (and thank Brie, too). And, when you find yourself at The Vancity Theatre, acknowledge the very fine Donna Soares (a find by VIFF Audience Relations Manager Mickey Brazeau, who spotted Donna performing wonderful service at the Push Festival), and the peerless Kaen Seguin, Robyn Wilson and Jennifer Tennant at The Centre, and (once again) Peter, Brie, Mickey, Sue and Mike at VIFF's Cineplex site, and all of the fine VIFF venue managers at The Playhouse, SFU Woodwards, The Cinematheque and The Rio.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at September 29, 2015 12:17 PM in VIFF 2015


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