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Whatever happened to J.B. Shayne?

The state of radio in Vancouver is such that virtually no one's interests are attended to. Radio stations programme music off the American Billboard charts, personality radio is almost a thing of the past (save Rafe Mair at AM600 and Frosty Forst at 'NW), music with a huge following (ambient, techno, progressive house, electronica) has no place on local commercial airwaves, and the situation continues to deteriorate.

VanRamblings will weigh in, from time to time, on the state of radio.

Stay tuned.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at February 11, 2004 10:45 AM in Vancouver



After recently passing through the Chrono Synclastic Infundibula, I ran into JB in a cave on Mercury. JB looked well and was living with a large, bitter, ditry blonde haired woman. The large woman was very angry with a man named Sam and company named Imclone. I think this unpleasant woman will soon force JB to return to Earth where he will be very successful.

In the past I took great pleasure tuning in the great Jack Cullen whenever I passed through your solar system. The Owl Prowl got me and the space hound through many a lonely night.

The radio broadcast situation is so bad here in Vancouver that I've stopped turning it on altogether. Having to waste my life listening to the same commercials, or Eminem for billionth time is about as appealing as trying to read David Frum.

What a glorious day for your planet, and new website and Valentine's candy still on sale for half price.

Things are not going well for JB on Mercury. That large, bitter, dirty blonde haired woman is also very greedy. She has managed to swindle JB out of most of his supplies. I promised JB I would pick up a large supply of heart shaped ju-jubes today although I fear that large, bitter, greedy, dirty blonde haired woman will soon control all the ju-jubes on Mercury. I'm off to the kwik-e-mart.

If you're desperate to hear J.B. Shayne's voice once more, search the Emule network for "neon nights". I've zipped up the final four episodes that I recorded off CBC AM way back in 1982.

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