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Yes, kiddies, it’s that


Yes, kiddies, it’s that wonderful time of the week once again.

After 7 glorious days of righting the wrongs of the world, slagging Gordon Campbell and George Bush (and don’t they deserve it), and just generally attempting to create a universe in which all of us can live in peace and harmony, once again it is time for your favourite Saturday night feature — The Unbelievable Truth.

Time for a bit of the down and dirty, stuff you could really care less about, but care desperately about anyway (and isn’t that the way of the world), news — salacious news, even — that offers you and I a respite from the trials and tribulations of our far too busy, yet all-too-prosaic, lives.

Then again ...

Michael Jackson:
too weird for words


And where else did you think we were going to start this week? Slumped in a chair with his head bowed, Michael Jackson yesterday learned he would now be facing 10 charges in his child sex abuse case. All totalled, he could be handed 74 years of prison time if convicted of every offence.

A new charge of conspiracy was laid, relating to an alleged abduction — prosecutors claim Jacskon attempted to convince the youngster to flee to Brazil when it became clear he would name the star — false imprisonment and extortion of 12-year-old accuser Gavin Arviso, who accused Jackson of molesting him and engaging in lurid acts.


Kevin Spacey’s Nasty Family Secrets:
Dad Was an American Nazi, Rapist and Abuser

Randy Fowler, Kevin Spacey’s older brother, revealed to journalist Sharon Churcher in an interview published in the British newspaper The Mail on Sunday that he was regularly raped by his own father, although he insists that his father never touched Spacey who — when he became an actor — took his mother’s maiden name, dropping all connections to his father.

According to Randy, Thomas Fowler was a Holocaust denier who railed against Jews at the dinner table and never held a full-time job. He collected Nazi memorabilia, was a full-time member of the American Nazi Party, and even made Randy quit Cub Scouts because the troop leader was Jewish.

Spacey and Randy nicknamed their father ‘The Creature’.


Internet Called Women’s No. 1 Media Choice

Spending time on the Internet has become the leading media choice among women — and is second only to work, sleep, and spending time with family in terms of being a valued activity and resource, according to a report by Tobi Elkin. The study says that marketers should recognize that women today are likely to be working, not sitting at home watching daytime television, and the Internet is the leading medium for reaching people at work. And there’s more evidence that it’s a multitasking world: Women pack 38 hours of work into a 24-hour day. You mean, only 38 hours a day. Slackers.


Safe Swig

Feel like a Britney quickie? Me, too. According to a report from E-Online’s Ted Casablanca “Britney is no longer drinking,” say her close-knit (and close-guarding) chums. “Nothing but Red Bull and water for her!”

Oh, my! Is it because Ms. S. found Jesus in Los Angeles recently?

“Nope. It’s all part of the parental damage control.”

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at May 1, 2004 11:21 PM in Unbelievable Truth


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