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Zen and the Art of Weblog Maintenance

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A view of downtown Vancouver, from the vantage point of Kitsilano's Vanier Park

Concern has been expressed by a handful of readers as to the lack of a monthly archive on the VanRamblings site. Site technician, Michael Klassen, and I continue our discussion on a long-term resolution to this issue, but for the moment, we think we've come up with a suitable compromise.

Yes, it's true that, for the moment, there's no monthly VanRamblings index. Tomorrow, April 1st, the March calendar will disappear. Even so, you'll still find yourself able to access VanRamblings' archives.

The front page of VanRamblings provides readers with ready access to articles published in the past 7 days. Top right on the ‘front page’, under Topics, you'll find links to every article — published by category — dating back to the inception of the site. Click on Web/Tech, for instance (either the web/tech button in the ‘logo box’ at the top, or under Topics), and you'll readily find every article ever published on VanRamblings on that topic.

As it happens, many of the archived articles are updated quite regularly, so it's worthwhile checking out the topic categories from time to time.

Hope this VanRamblings maintenance / archive explanation helps a bit.

Posted by Raymond Tomlin at March 31, 2004 11:45 AM in Weblogs


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